Monday, December 22, 2008

The Rest of August

Ever wondered what I did the rest of my August?
Well here it goes.... On Sunday, August 24th, I continued to pack some of my stuff as well as doing some crossword puzzle. Then later on at night we went to go watch The House Bunny. Probably one of the most hilarious chick flick there is. Monday August 25th, We went to the chiropractor at 11am. After that we went to the Asian Market. Later on in the day, we changed the room a bit, as in moved the bed. Tuesday, August 26th, I just watched Greek, The Secret Life of American Teenagers and the Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency. Wednesday August 27th, Chiropractor at 11am then we went to Food 4 Less. Afterwards I went to the chiropractor to go get my glasses tighten. Since one of the handles or whatever was loose and one of them even fell off. Thursday August 28th, My best friend called me, and apparently she had left her wallet and other things at home and was at a gas station. So i went over to help her. Bought her some gas and she payed me back cause we went to the bank afterwards. Later on that day we went to superior and stater bros. Friday August 29, Chiropractor again at 11am. That was about it cause the rest of the day i resorted to cleaning and organizing the room. Saturday August 30th, We went to Chain Reaction, to go see Andrew play. that ass, jk, you know i love you =] We got there early and waited for Stephanie to get there. Then we went to go eat at Red Robins. After that we went to Target, just browsing the place and then we headed back to Chain. Then at 8pm we went in and watched Danger Radio play. They never fail to impress me. Next was Jonezetta, I've seen them once before and they were amazing. Well this second time they were amazing! Afterwards we watched Meg & Dia for a bit. After that we went to Denny's to eat. After that, we went home for some reason I stayed up and read, I usually don't read especially that late. By now its already Sunday August 31, i went to Costco with my brother then I did some laundry and I also finished reading Into the Wild, very great book and movie by the way. That's something I'll recommend to people. That was it for August, I'll post another Journal for September and the rest of the month.

Monday, August 25, 2008

my computer needs some rest

so if you want to see what else i have to update about or doing just check
it's this new site i recently joined.
i can send updates from my phone.
its much more easier than sending it to my blogspot from my phone.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

time should be used wisely

Every time the babies sleep over I always wake up early. So anyways what did I do today//yesterday? There was so much. So Kena and I was looking around some boxes in the garage for some books. I did find some stuff of mine. I found some old letters that friends have written to me. I found some letters from the 8th grade, with one of my close friend that I just made, because she just sort of moved here and was new to the school, her name is Lisa, she didn't go to the same high school as I did though. Along with middle school stuff I found some certificate such as honor roll, or being an all star for physical education and the funny one an award for flag football, that came with a pizza party as well as those honor roll one. You know what, I can't find my all star P.E. shirt it was cool, cause it's a black one, with yellow font. There was also some letters from freshmen year of high school. I guess I wrote letters to three people, my best friend Halima; her cousin, Bazera;(we had some class together) and my other friend from middle school, Phavin. I was rereading some of the letters and it was really funny. I can't believe I still have them though, I got to get rid of it, before someone gets a hold of them. My letter with Bazera are funny because we make fun of someone that always seems to make fun of us and talk bull shit about others. I hate those type of people. I think everyone knows by now who I dislike, I think that was the only person I disliked and I hate having class with her. I wasn't rude to her like she was with everyone else, I just acted like I didn't have a problem.
Afterwards, we went to Burger King to get some food for everyone. Then later we decided to go to some stores. We went to target and just shopped around. I didn't buy anything though. My sister Kena bought an Icee for me though. Then we went to Payless to get the babies some shoes, we couldn't find any cute one at Target though, well at least not the size we need them to be. Then we went to the Michael's and bought some bead, for the bracelets my sister is going to make. Then we went to K Mart because Slary wanted to buy some shoes. Slary is my older sister's friend the one that has the two babies. Then we went to Taco Bell and ate there. Kena paid for me. Then we bought some to go for my parents and my other brother and I paid for those. Then we went home. I kinda forgot what I was doing but yeah, now I'm updating this. I should get some sleep because my sister wanted to fix the room today. We were going to move the bed around and everything. I also need to find my season pass for Six Flags, we haven't' used them yet and I lost it, I so remember putting them in my drawers, but there not in there.
We got to pack everything in this room so we can move stuff around and I think we might paint it as well. Alright sleep time. I love Sundays for some reason! Goodnight//Goodmorning!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

i have a case of soft spoken nothings

The babies came with fanny packs on, it made me laugh! They have candies in there. So my sister got some Papa Johns Pizza and that was what we ate. The day went by pretty quick. The babies are acting somewhat bratty.
Well I have just agreed to have my sister wax me, she wanted to test it on us as well. So she did my face. I let her do my stomach as well. It's pretty funny. Then the wax started to get a bit hot.
Then she was waxing her friend and I was eating ice cream. It was like a show, but I wasn't watching because at first I was plucking her eyebrows the one that didn't come off during the wax, after I finished I was eating ice cream.
Everyone has finally left the room and it's all quite, everyone's asleep.

[i can't stop thinking about some things in life, but i guess they happen for a reason. i always find myself on line when everyone is asleep. i don't even know what i'm doing on so late. sometimes i think that i think way too much, but in the end, i haven't thought about it enough. life's been complicated, but i guess that's why they call it life. i try to get into reading and writing, but i always find an excuse not to do so. i'm ashamed of myself that i can't keep little promises like that to myself. i just want to be a better person, not that i'm a bad person to begin with. i think i just want to write stuff that no one would know that i'm writing it. i need an alter ego of some sort, in which no one that knows me would even know its me. i want it to be something that people would enjoy reading and want to read more about. something that anyone can take an interest to. until i find this alter ego, soft spoken nothings will never be written.]

Friday, August 22, 2008

i like ice cream

Today I woke up around 12 in the afternoon of course, since I didn't have to go to the chiropractor today, I slept in. Then later when I woke up my little sister asked me if I wanted to go to Winco. I wanted some food so I went. We get there and we were in the parking lot and my dad said the van felt weird and he wanted me to drive it so that he can look at the wheels and such while I'm driving it. We spent forever in there. I bought nectarines, hot pocket, and ben & jerry. I also bought some sour straw, which never came up in our bag or the receipt. I really wanted to eat it too. That sucks, I hate when things fall out of the cart. My dad wanted me to drive home, but I didn't bring my glasses or driver's license, so I had to decline the offer of driving his van. We got home and the first thing I did was eat the hot pocket, I hadn't had that for a while as well. Then I went straight to the Ben & Jerry. It was so delicious! The New York Super Fudge Chuck! We were also watching The Wizard of Waverly Place. Then it ended. Then Halima called me with the "are you home? okay bye." how strange, just that made me aware that she was close by. Indeed she was, I saw her walking by the window and she had Onelly with her. I haven't seen Onelly ever since we graduated high school, so that's like let's say like about two years. Oh man and Halima had to bring her to me on the day that she was going to go back to New York. She was leaving tonight, so I didn't get a chance to hangout with her. But oh wells I got to see her after so long. It was good to see her again.
As I'm writing this I can hear my little sister yelling through out the house that the babies are here. The babies as in Kayli and Kalieha, my sister's friend babies. So I'll end it here so that I could go play with them =]

Thursday, August 21, 2008

So Disneyland. Things do really Happen there.

As you all know we went to Disneyland and it was wonderful, that’s all I can say. I’d complain about the heat and all the chaos of it all, but what happens just puts a smile on my face.
So as you all know, my best friend came to my house so early in the morning, she waited for us to confirm that we were going to Disneyland with them now and not at a later time.
So we all went in my dad’s van. It was my three sisters, Riya, Kena and Rome and my little brother Vis, Linda, Halima and I. We stopped by the gas station of course, to fill’er up. Then we head to McDonald for some breakfast. Then after that we were off. I only drove to Disneyland once and my sister still asked me for directions. But I’m always in the area a lot, I guess, since I go to a lot of shows at the House of Blues in Anaheim.
So we get there and there's already a bunch of people. There was one dumb lady that didn't follow the rules in the parking structures. You know how they make you all park according to whatever it is, she just kept on driving and honking at little kids, like you aren't suppose to be driving through her in the first place.

We waited for the tram and it took us to the park. Then we waited in line because Halima needed to purchase her ticket. So then we got into the park, they check the bags and scanned our tickets and we were in.

Our first ride was Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters. I know the guns sucked. I could have had more points than that. But oh wells. The picture turned out lame, because I was all leaned up resting my head, since I was tired, I got cut off in the picture, oh wells.

After that we went to Space Mountain, but they closed it after we waited so long, they said it would be an hour or so. So we left to go to Matterhorn Bobsled instead. The line was extremely long. But we made it through. Throughout the whole ride I was just doing those kiddish scream and we were just laughing the whole way through, because we passed by another group and it had an older man and he was like doing the same thing. We took this picture after the ride.

After that we went to one of the crowd’s favorite, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. This one was quite a wait but we did it.
After that someone was leading us the wrong way, we went all around because they had to use the restroom, so we finally found our way back and went to go wait for Indiana Jones Adventure. There was so much people. Kids were rejected for being too small.
We finally decided to go eat and on our way to the exit we saw some Disney Princesses and decided to take some pictures with them. We took pictures with Cinderella, Snow White and Belle, but I don’t have the Belle picture.

We finally got out of there and walked through Downtown Disneyland to go to ESPN. I’ve never ate there before. I was full quick. We all went to the rest room, paid the bill and then left.
We decided to take the tram back, but it was taking a lifetime. Finally it had arrived. We got a cart all to ourselves than three older ladies came and sat with us.
It was now our mission to go on Space Mountain. So we went back and there was still a somewhat long line. That’s how it was when we first got there. So waiting in line was pretty boring. So I stared listening to the radio on my phone but that got pretty boring as well. Just then, I looked up and spotted this adorable boy. I wasn’t sure if it was him or not, so I turned to my sister Kena and was like is that him. Everyone was a bit puzzled, but I was sure it was him. I didn’t want to look like a fool but everyone was like I don’t think so, but I was like I think it is. We I just stood there staring at him the whole time. How awful am I? The line kept moving and we kept moving. I think this was the first time they had seen me like this. I had a crush on him, so I was like I have to get this picture if it’s him. So we stood there waiting for the line to curve so that we can see him closer. Just when it was about to do so, these girls had asked him for a picture and from then I was certain that it was indeed him. When the line did curve, I asked him for a picture. Oh man he is so nice and sweet. You think it’s just his character on television, but he seems just the same in person. He shook my hand and asked my name. When I told him he was like that’s a pretty name. He made my day pretty much. So we took a picture and the flash didn’t come on, and I remembered that I turned it off, so he was like did it come out alright, and then my sister was like the flash was off, so he took another one with me. I love people like that, that cares how the pictures turn out.

This one is much better, but I do look a bit weird in the picture, but I don’t care. I got to take a picture with him and I didn’t even have to try or be at some fancy event or whatsoever. Then he took a picture with my sister and asked her name as well and then he was like you guys have really pretty names & things like nice meeting you. He just completely made my day and I’m so glad I missed chiropractic for this. Everyone was just practically making fun of me the whole day, but I didn’t care.

After Space Mountain, we road the railroad to get to the other side of town; we didn’t want to walk there because we had done so much walking already. When we got there we went to the Haunted Mansion. Then after that we went straight to Splash Mountain. It seems like any ride with the word mountain in it is fun. Haha. I love this ride, except for the getting wet part. I don’t remember getting this wet. So yeah, I was soaked so was my camera and phone. I was glad that they still worked.

After that my sister went to the gift shop so that my little siblings could get some dry clothes to change into, or else they’ll get sick. I bought these turtle and bee beads so that I could make some bracelets for some of my friends that I’ll be seeing again soon.

After they got changed, we went to the Mad Hat Tea cup ride. Halima didn’t go on this one though. It made me a bit dizzy but I was still spinning it.

We later went back to Space Mountain and rode that again, I believe that was everyone’s favorite ride. Then we went back to Matterhorn Bobsled because the line was pretty short. Then after that we went to the candy store. Then it was time to head home. There was so much people waiting for the tram, it was insane. We got out before 11 or home before 11 I forgot which one it was. But it was a fun night.

I'll do it all again and skip chiropractic if i can meet Kenny all over again!

twenty third session: where did you go?

The doctor asked me where I was yesterday and I told him that I was out with my family. Haha.
The treatment today seemed to have went by quick. It was like the same thing always but it was fast. We did the orthosound machine and he cracked my back again. I needed that one.
Afterwards my mom wanted to go to a couple of stores, so we went to Food 4 Less since it was near the chiropractor. We bought some bread and lettuce.
Then we headed to the work place to drop off our schedule for the left over summer and how our school schedule was going to be like. But she wasn't there so we just left it on her desk.
Then we head out to the Asian market. I bought these cookies that I haven't ate in a long time, their called Cocoa Puff Biscuits. I also bought some soy milk, I hadn't had it in a while as well.
We come home and I ate so much of it. It was so good. I forgot how good they are.
Now I can blog about Disneyland =]

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

disneyland, here we come!

So I guess we’re going to Disneyland! Halima came to our house so early in the morning. I knew she was coming, I was just wondering what time she was going to get her. So she came and jump on top of us, it was crazy. But yeah, she had convinced the whole world to go to Disneyland, even though we had to go to the chiropractor today, she’s making us skip it. Oh wells, I should get ready, we’re leaving soon.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

all i can remember

The only thing I remember from today was that I took a shower and Halima called me to see if I was really going to be going to Disneyland tomorrow. I told her I had to go to the chiropractor in the morning and that maybe we'll go afterwards, but she kept saying maybe? so I was like okay, we're going to go after chiropractic. So then that was the end of our conversation. I don't quite remember what else happened. It's about to play The Secret Lives of American Teenagers, so I'm headed down now.

Monday, August 18, 2008

warped tour in carson, this will probably be one of the longest thing you have ever read, so be bored, then read.

Alright, so here’s how yesterday went down. We were waiting forever for Jaimie and Amanda to get here. So we decided to go put some stuff in the car, then we saw that the windows were a bit dirty so I went back to get the Windex, then after that I forgot that we forgot the most important thing there is, the tickets, and when I went to go get it I remembered about the wristband, so we brought that too. Then afterwards, we just decided to stay at the house until they came. We get a phone call and then go out side and walked to the parking while they were driving there. So we all got locked and loaded and we made a quick stop at the gas station. Amanda and Jaimie went to go buy some snack while I pumped the gas. While I was doing so, I found a dead beetle on the floor; some one had squished the guts out of it. Then this time we were ready. Driving down the I-10 W and then we made a quick stop at the super Wal-Mart. It was crazy; I didn’t know where the candy aisle was. I had to literally walk to the other end of the store. The others were in the card section finding a birthday card for Kevin. I got a text from Lauren saying that the line was extremely long, so we started to fasten up things a bit and got out right after and lucky there was a freeway right there. We got on it and continued our trip down the I-10 W then the 605 S and then the 91 W.

We got there and had to pay $15 dollars for parking. Afterwards it was our mission to find the ticket booth because Jaimie and Amanda needed to buy their tickets. So we waited at this area called tickets, when all of a sudden I don’t know who she was and said that tickets were being sold at the other end at these white tents. So we get to the end of the road and asked the security about the white tent and tickets and he told us that there were no white tents here and that tickets were sold at the other end. So we walked back to where we first started and then these two kids walked up to us and was like do we need a ticket and sold us one, since they only had one, Amanda bought them and we still needed one more for Jaimie, all of a sudden we found where they were actually selling tickets and it was more further than where we were. So we waited in line for tickets and when we finally got them we waited to see if we can find our friend so that we could cut them, we could of went to the front of the line, but the line had already moved forward and started to let people in.

So there we were waiting to find our friend when at the corner of the street, we see these men handing out Forever the Sickest Kids posters, they were really big one, so Amanda and I decided to go get some, so we went there and was like we’ll just get the poster and put them in the car so they don’t get messed up. So we get there and they are like the nicest men ever. They gave us a bunch of stuff and some Shwayze stuff, like a beer bottle opener, Amanda was excited about that. So then we decided to go show off our new stuff, then Jaimie and Kena decided that they wanted them also. So they went to go get some too. Then we had to walk all the way back to the car to put everything away. It was the most hilarious walk ever. So we passed by this guy on the phone and he was like talking on it, just as we passed he said to the person he was talking to, “is she still naked?” and right when he said that Jaimie stepped into a hole. It was so hilarious. Only this kind of things happens to us.

Oh man the walk was torture, I was sweating like crazy from the heat and the back of my shirt was all wet. Everyone was exhausted and tired and a bit sweaty. Just as we were walking back, cutting through the parking lot, there was some guys having a little tailgate and they were like “are you ready??” and drinking beer Jaimie, Amanda and I were rooting, and Kena gave them a weird stare. Jaimie thought that they were going to give her a beer but Kena’s face threw them off and she didn’t get one. We finally see our friend and cut in with them, no one really mind though. We were all talking like, I can’t wait to go in there and see Andrew so that we can rest at his merch area. We went to go look at the set time and noticed that we had missed The Academy Is… they played an earlier set today. It sucked they were one of the few that we wanted to see.

So after that, we decided to go look for Andrew, we were like ok, try to find All Time Low’s tent. When we found it, Andrew wasn’t there, we were all like “Who is this guy? Where is Andrew?” Amanda still went to go buy some booty shorts though. Then after that, we went to go to Greeley Estates tent. But neither Alex nor Brian was there, and We the Kings were playing so we stayed there and watched. It was so hard to see, they have really gotten huge. Travis even threw out some CDs during their set. Afterwards, we went to one of the main stage cause Cobra Starship was about to go on. When we got there, Anberlin was still performing, I wasn’t sure what song they were on, but they played my favorite song, Unwinding Cable Cars and I loved it. People were being a bit rude though, I hate when people act that way, like it’s still their time, let them finish. I know you wouldn’t want Cobra to cut their set short. So then after they were done with their set it was Cobra’s turn.

Everything’s still a bit hazy but I thought William Beckett and Travis McCoy were going to come out to perform, like they usually do, but they didn’t. Gabe was mad at William and was like I fucking hate Bill. Then later he was like even though I hate him right now, their CD comes out this week. It was really funny to watch/hear him say that.

This time we really thought that Andrew was going to be at the merch area so we went there and he wasn’t. After that we decided to go to the girlz garage tent, because Keep-A-Breast was in there and Jaimie and Amanda wanted some stuff from there. Then later we get a text from Kevin, he was finally here. So we went on the hunt to find him. Kena was like he’s probably near the ice cream, and he was. That was the funniest thing ever. We told him that All Time Low was going to do an acoustic set at the Myspace Tent so we were like let’s go there before it gets packed. But too late, it was already packed. So then Jaimie, Kena and I went to the Rock Band tent instead, since it was right next to it. I wanted to reapply my sunscreen so I sat on the floor and used a wet wipe to clean myself and then this security man was like you can sit there and that I had to get up. How lame, all the other Warped places never told me that before. So I just had to get up. We went to the side and stood there while we all reapplied sunscreen and trying to see if we could see the All Time Low’s performance from where we were. So then Amanda came to us, and then later this other security man, or some man that ran this tent was like we can’t watch All Time Low’s performance from here, so we decided to just leave. Amanda was like let’s go to Andrew because she saw him carrying merch. So that was where we went.

There was still a bunch of people buying All Time Low’s merch, so we just stood to the side until they all left. When they did, Andrew came and gave us a big hug! He looked extremely exhausted. I knew All Time Low has been working him really hard, it wasn’t the first time I saw him like this. So then we stood there at the tent for a bit and Amanda decided to make a sign for Kyle. So we got this cardboard from Andrew and she started on it. One side said “I have a question for you Kyle” and once you flipped it, it said “Are you Mad?!?” it’s sort of an inside joke, that we hopes he remember. Later as we were watching Amanda make the sign, I put the candy down at where Andrew was making inventories. He thanked us for it and then he said he had to go get some more merch. So we decided to go with him. It was crazy. We had our bracelets which allowed us to go to the backstage, but we weren’t sure how to use it. So when we finally made it through this huge maze, we had to go back and forth to different security, checking to make sure if we can go back and come back in. They sent us to about five different people, and then finally they let us go. So we went to the back and chilled there while Andrew was getting more merch. Kena and Amanda were finishing up the final touches to the poster. Andrew gave us some Warped water though. Haha, we were talking about the weirdest thing, like I don’t know how we started talking about the Olympics and there were some other stuff too. Then we saw All Time Low coming back and forth, sort of busy in a way, but not really. Amanda didn’t dare to ask Jack for a picture though.

[kena and amanda working on kyle's sign]

[amanda looks like an AA model here for some reason]

[here's kena working on the sign as well, looks like a kids class project]
After Andrew finished gathering his merch, we were off to go back in. Going back in was pretty simple. Then later, I don’t quite remember what we were doing, but we were still with Andrew for a bit, then we said were going to go check out some stuff. So then we went to go find where the Ernie Ball stage was and when we found it, Panima was playing. Then we decided to find a place where we can go backstage, and then we found a way to go in and out with the hassle of complications. So we got out and went to the back. We then found William Beckett and spoke to him for a bit and got our picture with him.
We also said “Hi” to Ryland. Than later we got our picture taken with Danny from We the Kings.
We then went by All Time Low’s bus area, where we were when we were with Andrew. Then I was like quoting some line from The Simpson’s I think it was, and I turned around and I saw Andrew. It was so hilarious; I don’t know if he caught what I said though. Then we just told him about how we got inside, how we had to use a completely different way to come out and that we had to go in a different way to get back in. Then we told him we were going to leave, because we were going to go watch Forever the Sickest Kids and we wanted to show off our sign. So we went back in and went to the Ernie Ball Stage and it was horrible, there were so much people and it was so packed. We couldn’t show off our sign anywhere. So after they played, we kept trying to get Kyle’s attention. Then we finally got him to read it and he was like, “what?” and he came in close to my face and that’s when I flipped the sign over and he read it and said it exactly how we wanted him too. It was cute.

Then we decided to go to the Hurley stage to watch All Time Low. Kena went to go buy a sweater and was like go wait at Greeley’s Tent so that she can find us back easily. So I told Amanda and I guess she didn’t hear me so she followed Kena instead. So then we just statyed there and watch All Time Low perform. Their crowd was huge; I could barely see their faces. Then I saw Amanda’s face and thought that they were close, but then her face disappeared, and I tired to go look for her, so Jaimie and I went to go to The Academy Is… tent and they weren’t there so that’s when I was like okay, there at Greeley’s tent. So we went there. There were so much people in the way, I couldn’t even get around them. Then there was this area where no one was even moving. I hated it, I finally made it and they were standing in front of these men. They were staring at me very weird so I was feeling a bit awkward.

So we were standing in front of Greeley’s tent and Greeley was doing signing. I wanted to go say hi to them but they had a line, so I stood on the side and just waited for the line to die down a bit. When it did, most of the band members left, except for Brian and Alex, which were all I needed because they were they ones that I knew most. So then more people keep taking pictures with them and then Brian saw me and waved at me, I waved back and walked up to him. His arms were out for a hug so I went for it, and Alex thought that I was going to hug him first, that he opened his arms too. It was funny but sad, I left Alex hanging, but Brian initiated the hug so he got it first. I love their hug it’s always so heart warming. But it doesn’t beat Andrew’s hug though, his are the best!!! So we got to talking a bit and showed them these little magnetic animals I got for them. Brian was like, which one is mine, I was like choose one, but he keep saying which one is mine. He wanted the elephant, but he was like can I have this and I kept saying which ever you want, but he ended up choosing the monkey and I think Alex chose the blue hippo. It’s all adorable though. Then we got our pictures because they had to go put all there instrument away.

So after all that, we stayed at the Hurley Stage because we wanted to watch Family Force 5 play. Their set is so solid. I can’t believe that they were that awesome; I knew they were great but this was just awesome.

We had nothing to do afterwards, but our legs and feet were hurting so we decided to go to the back and just chill there. But first I took a quick stop at Bring Me the Horizon’s tent because I wanted to get a shirt. I bought one though, the guy was like there are only boys large so then he gave me the one on display, so that was nice of him. The shirt said “I partied naked with Bring Me the Horizon”. It’s EPIC! I love it, and I don’t’ even know why. So then we were on our way to the back when we ran into Stephanie. We saw her for a bit and then told her that we were going to the back. When we went to the back, we saw Sisky but he was talking with Colin from A Cursive Memory but I didn’t want to interrupt their conversation. So we waited a bit, then we saw Jac and her crew comes by in the back and apparently she was flipping Caleb from Forever the Sickest Kids off, but I don’t know the whole detail, but that’s what we saw. Finally we were like let’s just get it over with and went to take our picture with Sisky.

So after that we just went to the spot Andrew had taken us and we just chilled there. I got some cardboard and laid them down and rested on them. We saw a box that spelt bananas wrong. It was funny. I was just getting all relaxed when Matt, All Time Low’s manger was like we couldn’t be here when their stuff was all out like that, so we had to leave that area, but he said it in the nicest way possible. I don’t know how getting kicked out could be nice, but he did it in the most gentle way ever.

We were trying to find a new rest area but there was no good one. We saw Kyle and were walking to him, but he was with two other girls and walking a bit fast. Then we ended up just leaving the back and meeting Alex from Cobra Starship instead. He had food in his hands so we took a group picture with him.

Then after that we saw Angie and her friend, and she still called me sunshine, I was like this is golden yellow, but that’s my new nickname with her. It’s all good, they were leaving and it was still early. Then we said our goodbye and went back into the venue. Walking back we saw Travis from Gym Class Heroes and Amanda asked for a picture and he said NO, jokingly, but we got our picture though.

Afterwards, we just sat at the catering area; we had nothing to do either way. Then we spotted Kyle at catering and we also spotted our friend Alee and next to her was Oli Sykes from Bring Me the Horizon, the only other guy I really wanted to see, since I’ve never seen them before. I text Alee and was like, turn to your left, but instead she turned to her right and I started laughing. It was funny, then she came up to us and we started talking a bit about the hottie sitting near her and her group of friends. Then later she went back, and then Oli was leaving so I called him over. He was so nice and sweet, I can’t picture him to be other wise unless he was just joking around.

So we finally decided to leave the catering area and we caught 3!OH3!’s set. They were quite good, I heard of them but never saw them until now. We passed by All Time Low’s tent and saw Andrew, but we went to go watch Say Anything. After that we went to Andrew and talked a bit and he gave us more hugs, because we didn’t know if we were able to see him afterwards or not. So after that we went to watch Katy Perry. Four Year Strong was still playing so we waited a bit. Then it was Katy Perry’s turn. It was horrible, there were so much people there, but her set was amazing, as always, Curtis from Bring Me the Horizon went to the sound area where I was at and blocked my view of the stage, because he was taking some pictures. We left because everyone kept pushing and shoving, so we went to the back to watch the last song of hers. These crazy girls were singing behind us so horribly. It was torture.

It was getting darker by the minute. This time it was Bring Me the Horizon turns to perform. They were amazing, I love their accent. Oli was just amazing as well. So we caught a couple of songs and then left. We passed by Gym Class Heroes set and we caught Clothes Off and we left. When we got to the back and The Academy Is… bus was already gone. It was a sad moment, but they did have to catch a flight to Australia. Then as we were headed to where All Time Low’s area was, it was chaotic. All Time Low was in a rush because they had to be at the airport and all there things could fit into the shuttle. Amanda still needed her picture with Jack but we couldn’t find him. She asked Rian for a picture but he said sorry and that they were in a rush. Then we went to go find Andrew, he was going in and out of the bus running around packing his things. He was like this is the hugest rush we’ve ever been in. He had definitely made our day when he said that we had made his day. That was just about the sweetest thing ever. We have seen how hard he worked and how crazy tired he was, but still there wasn’t enough break for him. They have an extra merch guy but that’s not enough help. It doesn’t look like he does anything. Poor Andrew! Then we saw Alex and I promised my friend that I would take a picture of Alex with a sign for her. So I called Alex and he said Hi and he went into the bus, then I was like could you take a picture with this sign and he was like we’re in a rush, but he took a picture with it anyways and run for the shuttle.

Andrew was cramming everything in his luggage and we still needed to take a picture. So then after he was done, we were about to do so but he was like lets go over here, where everyone was. So that’s where we went. He gave us the most awesome hugs ever and then he was talking with some other people and gave them hugs and then they really had to leave so we had to take our picture really quickly and then we all hugged bye.

After that we had nothing else really to do. Everyone all wanted to leave so there was a huge traffic just leaving the parking lot. So we stayed in the back for a bit. We saw Katy Perry and we took pictures with her.

We saw Forever the Sickest Kids but they seemed into a conversation and didn’t bother them. Then they all left, it smelt horrible back there, like someone had unloaded their toilet. It was the worst smell ever. Then we walked back to the car. The security men were so nice, they told us good night and to have a safe drive home, one even started singing “welcome to the jungle” it was hilarious, but that got stuck in my head. So we got to the car and chilled a bit in there, we were deciding on where to eat. Kevin and Stephanie were at Red Robin but it closes at ten but we weren’t able to make it, so instead we just went to McDonald and ate there. Then afterwards we headed home. We all agreed that Andrew have definitely made our day, because really Warped Tour wasn’t as we all hoped it to be for being the last day. Next to that was my friends Alex and Brian from Greeley Estates and then Jaimie’s new favorite as well, Oli from Bring Me the Horizon, as well as Sisky and William from The Academy Is… as well I guess you can say the whole Kyle inside joke thing.

Well that was Warped Tour, I’m sorry you had to read like a novel, but this was exactly what had happened and I didn’t want to leave anything out. You don’t have to read it if you don’t want to, you can even just skim through it, but it really doesn’t matter.